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This is the LARGEST crop circle ever recorded. (1738ft x 1476ft) Do you understand the message? GET READY TO EVOLVE PEOPLE! The Shift in Consciousness has already started!

(This circle appeared in Goes, Holland on August 8th 2009)

Here’s an amazing fact about Caterpillars and Butterflies! Did you know, they have the SAME DNA? The organism contains DNA that encodes for both body forms. Think of it as having a basic DNA code and an advanced DNA code. A Caterpillar doesn’t start to change form until it’s DNA is properly nourished and activated. During metamorphosis, some new genes are turned on that modify the body shape of the organism and produce the final butterfly body shape. In addition, many of the same genes are expressed in both body forms.

Interestingly enough, Humans are the same way. We have a basic code, and an advanced code. Many Scientists believe that only our basic DNA code is currently activated. That is why 97% of our DNA is considered ‘junk DNA’ and why most of us can only use a small portion of our brains. (This is also why 12/21/ 2012 is such a big deal for so many people. Many believe our Advanced DNA code will be activated from the many Cosmic/Earth changes that are supposed to occur on that date.)

Here is a great documentary that talks more about the Mysteries of Human DNA.

Mechanics of Ascension by Danny Searle
(Mysteries of Human DNA, Human Bloodtypes, etc)

If you wan’t to hear more about what the Ancient Mayans, Egyptians and Sumerians had to say about 12/21/12.. This is the BEST documentary you will find. It’s excellent and very fascinating.

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