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Goddess of Sacred Sex

As the layers of physical armouring and fear-based resistance are felt and released, we open to more and more love. The more deeply one surrenders and opens into one’s closure, and bodily felt contraction, the deeper the purification. Purification is an ongoing part of the evolutionary process and needs to be integrated with awareness and acceptance.

Authentic release does not occur through pushing away one’s feelings, or trying to get rid of those feelings by throwing them out unlovingly. Authentic release occurs when we simply drop into our feelings and feel without judgement. I have found my deepest releases occur when I pray to the Divine Mother to help me to feel
something to the core. In this way I hold myself in tenderness and
gentleness and drop into the feelings. Tunnelling through the layers,
softening and opening to the love at my core.

~ Leyolah Antara~

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